Internship Program

AGP recruits students from universities and colleges throughout the Midwest for paid summer internships. The areas of interest typically include: accounting, human resources, marketing and communications, finance, information technology, engineering, merchandising, and supervisor trainee. Internships are available for 10-12 weeks for college sophomores and above, and paid housing is offered to interns assigned to areas away from their home or campus. AGP interns are frequently offered full-time positions upon graduation. Internship opportunities are posted in the fall each year.

AGP offers internships for students in a variety of different business fields at our corporate office in Omaha, Nebraska. These opportunities vary from year to year, but can include: accounting, human resources, marketing and communications, finance, purchasing, and information technology. Our goal is for all interns learn about our business and processes.

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Engineering interns will take ownership of a project at one of our soy processing, oil refining, or methyl ester plants located in Nebraska, Iowa, Missouri, or Minnesota. The primary objective of our engineering interns’ project is to enhance safety, increase efficiencies, and/or reduce costs. This internship is a great opportunity for engineering students specializing in mechanical, agricultural, chemical, industrial technology, and biosystems engineering.

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Merchandising interns are college sophomores and juniors who receive on-the-job training to learn how to become a successful commodity trader in the agricultural industry. During the summer these interns purchase soybeans and soybean meal, negotiate transactions, and coordinate logistics to ensure timely delivery of our products to customers.

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Supervisor Trainees are new college graduates who join the AGP team and learn all job functions in a processing plant. Becoming familiar with the operations process prepares them for future career opportunities within the company.

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What’s Different About AGP’s Internships?

Katie Glasnapp, AGP Project Manager, Engineering

“I originally decided to intern for the summer at AGP because the job sounded different than anything I had done in the past, which is exactly what I was looking for. After completing two summer internships at AGP, I knew AGP is where I wanted to work full time because of both what I was doing and the people I was working with. I loved the fact that I knew my job would be hands on and not the traditional desk job most engineers have. To this day, my favorite part of the job is being onsite seeing our projects come to life. I feel like working at AGP is like working for a big family. There’s camaraderie, a willingness to help each other out and encouragement when it’s needed.”

Ben Rickers, AGP Senior Production Assistant

“The biggest thing I’ve found is as in anything, you’ll only succeed as much as you allow yourself to. What I’ve found with AGP is that they are more than willing to develop, coach, assist, teach, progress peoples’ careers, and place greater responsibility on individuals who want it, and pursue it. They gave me an interview my Freshman year, which in itself told me something about the company. I returned for four total internships and later accepted a full-time position at AGP after graduation because of the company’s willingness to develop their employees and the emphasis they place on family. Here we’re just one big family, and we take care of each other. AGP is one big, really well-managed team.”

Alex Hines

Alex Hines, AGP Senior Merchandiser

“I was able to participate in a merchandising internship in Emmetsburg, Iowa. The internship was fast-paced and a hands on experience. I was treated like a full-time employee. I can remember within the first couple hours of being in the office, I was already talking to the bean and meal customers calling in. Having this internship was a great chance to learn more about AGP and merchandising.”