AMINOPLUS® Profitability

The blend of AminoPlus and fat listed below is formulated to contain a fat content equal to that of the competitive soybean product listed. Selected nutrient content and nutrient cost associated with this blend are listed to allow comparison of these nutrients with AminoPlus and the competitive bypass soybean product.

Economics of AminoPlus/Fat blends

    Current Price/ton
Competitive Bypass  

Nutrient ContentAminoPlusCompetitive Bypass
Crude Protein 44.00%
% of RUP 72.00%
Crude Fat % 1.06%

Nutrient QuantityAminoPlusCompetitive Bypass
lbs of Protein/ton    
lbs of Bypass Protein/ton    
lbs of Fat/ton    

ValueAminoPlusCompetitive Bypass
Protein, $/lb    
Bypass Protein, $/lb    

AminoPlus/fat blend

AminoPlus, lbs    
Fat, lbs    
Nutrient Content of Blend    
Protein, %    
RUP, % of Protein    
Fat, %    
Protein, lb/ton    
Bypass, lb/ton    
$/lb Protein    
$/lb Bypass    


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