Delivering Value

We are a leading agribusiness cooperative engaged in procuring, processing, marketing, and transporting oilseeds, grain, and related products for the benefit of our cooperative members and their farmer-owners. Since our formation in 1983, AGP has grown in size, scope, and reputation — both in the U.S. and internationally.

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Our Businesses

Our Primary Business

AGP operates ten soybean processing plants across the Midwest, producing soybean meal and crude soybean oil. Soybean meal, a primary source of protein in livestock rations, is marketed to domestic and global customers. Soybean oil is further processed in AGP’s refineries for use in the food and biofuels sectors.

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Leading Supplier of Refined Soybean Oil

AGP further processes crude soybean oil at its four refineries. Refined soybean oil is supplied primarily to the food service and manufacturing sector, and as a feedstock to producers of biofuels, including biodiesel and renewable diesel.

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Biodiesel Production Adds Value

Production of biodiesel — a renewable, clean-burning complement to diesel fuel — is a key component of AGP’s integrated business strategy, adding value to AGP’s core products. AGP’s three biodiesel production facilities process a significant portion of the company’s refined soybean oil into biodiesel, solvents, and adjuvants.

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Accessing Multiple Markets

Ag Products encompasses AGP’s export, centralized rail, and grain merchandising businesses. AGP markets soybean meal and other agricultural commodities domestically, as well as to numerous countries by way of bulk vessels, containers, barges, and/or railcars.

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Our Products

AGP produces and markets a variety of high-quality products and co-products, including soybean meal, soy hulls, soybean oil, soy biodiesel, grain, and AminoPlus®, a high-performance soy bypass protein for the dairy industry.

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Our People Set Us Apart

Our culture promotes personal and professional success for all of our employees. AGP’s distinguished record of success is the result of conducting business ethically and respecting our customers, our co-workers, and other stakeholders.

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