Refined Soybean Oil

AGP’s refined oils products and co-products are marketed via truck and rail to customers throughout North America.

Refined Soybean Oil

AGP produces refined soybean oil for applications in food packaging of salad oils and food manufacturers of margarines, mayonnaise, shortenings, cooking oils, potato chips, and other food products.

High Oleic Refined Soybean Oil

AGP processes Plenish® high oleic soybeans and refines the oil at our refinery in Hastings, Nebraska, to meet the growing demand for high oleic oil.


This product is utilized as an emulsifier and additive in a number of food products, including baking, chocolates, candies, and many other applications.


The soybean oil refining process produces a number of co-products, including vegetable oil phospholipids, soapstock, and recovered oils.

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