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AGP’s integrated business model includes soybean processing, vegetable oil refining, renewable fuels production, and agricultural products/grain marketing.

Soybean Processing

Soybean processing is AGP’s primary business. AGP operates ten soybean processing plants across the Midwest, positioning AGP as the fourth-largest soybean processor in the U.S. and the largest soybean processor west of the Mississippi River.

AGP’s soybean processing plants are located in five Midwestern states:

  • Iowa (Eagle Grove, Emmetsburg, Manning, Mason City, Sergeant Bluff, Sheldon)
  • Minnesota (Dawson)
  • Missouri (St. Joseph)
  • Nebraska (Hastings)
  • South Dakota (Aberdeen)

Soybeans are processed into two primary products: soybean meal, which is used as animal feed, and crude soybean oil, which is further processed for the food sector and industrial uses, including biofuels.

Refinery Interior

Refined Oils

AGP is a leading producer of refined vegetable oils in the U.S. AGP operates four refineries:

  • Eagle Grove, Iowa
  • Sergeant Bluff, Iowa
  • Hastings, Nebraska
  • St. Joseph, Missouri

Domestically, the food industry remains the largest market for edible soybean oil. AGP has a strong, diversified customer base that operates in many different sectors, including food service, food manufacturing, packaged products, consumer retail, renewable fuels production, and industrial uses.


Renewable Fuels/Industrial Products

AGP’s commitment to the biodiesel industry dates back more than two decades with its pioneering efforts to develop a new market for soybean oil. The cooperative built the first commercial-scale U.S. soy biodiesel plant in 1996 in Sergeant Bluff, Iowa.

AGP’s commitment to biofuels has remained strong through the challenges and successes over the years. AGP’s operations today consist of three biodiesel production plants (Algona and Sergeant Bluff, Iowa, and St. Joseph, Missouri) with a combined annual capacity of 175 million gallons. Biodiesel production adds value and is a key component of the cooperative’s integrated business strategy.

As a leading advocate for the establishment of industry quality standards, AGP continues to produce the highest quality biodiesel product available, receiving BQ-9000 certification of its biodiesel production.

Ag Products

The Ag Products Group is comprised of AGP’s export, centralized rail, and grain merchandising businesses, and works closely with the Soy Processing Group.


AGP has an experienced team of professionals involved in agricultural commodity marketing. The Ag Products Group markets soybean meal and other agricultural commodities domestically, as well as to numerous countries by way of bulk vessel, container, barge, and/or railcar.

AGP offers a complete line of grains and processed commodities including:

• Soybean meal
• Soybean hulls
• AminoPlus®
• Distillers dried grains
• Wheat
• Corn
• Soybeans



Grain merchandising businesses are part of the Ag Products Group. AGP operates terminal and country elevators that enhance the scope of AGP’s overall marketing programs. AGP’s grain operations and origination include an established regional presence in the Midwest, while merchandising grains on a regional, national, and global basis.

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