High-Performance Dairy Protein

Largest Volume Bypass Soybean Product Produced in the United States

AminoPlus® is a natural all soybean-based bypass protein ingredient, providing dairy producers a feed source that can help ensure superior performance and milk yield.

Your Best Choice for Rumen Undegradable Protein (RUP)

+ High protein soybean meal with high proportion of rumen bypass protein

Lower inclusion rates to achieve target nutrient levels with AminoPlus, providing more ration space for other ingredients.

+ Excellent balance of essential amino acids

Soybean meal is a natural, economical, high-quality source of essential amino acids important for milk production.

+ High intestinal digestibility of bypass protein and amino acids

The AminoPlus RUP fraction is highly digestible in the small intestine, providing critical absorbable amino acids for production, to help reduce the amount of indigestible protein excreted.

+ Low fat level

AminoPlus is low in unsaturated fatty acids, which have been associated with depressed milk fat content.

+ Controlled production process

Count on consistent production quality as AminoPlus is processed under specifically controlled conditions of time, temperature, and moisture.

Four Production Locations

Multiple AminoPlus production sites provide shipping options and consistent supply.

Dawson, MN

Hastings, NE

Mason City, IA

Sergeant Bluff, IA

Economics of AminoPlus

Try our cost comparison calculator below to see the value of AminoPlus over other bypass products.

Cost Comparison Calculator

The blend of AminoPlus and fat listed below is formulated to contain a fat content equal to that of the competitive soybean product listed. Selected nutrient content and nutrient cost associated with this blend are listed to allow comparison of these nutrients with AminoPlus and the competitive bypass soybean product.

    Current Price/ton
Competitive Bypass  

Nutrient Content AminoPlus Competitive Bypass
Crude Protein 44.00%
% of RUP 72.00%
Crude Fat % 1.06%

Nutrient Quantity AminoPlus Competitive Bypass
lbs of Protein/ton    
lbs of Bypass Protein/ton    
lbs of Fat/ton    

Value AminoPlus Competitive Bypass
Protein, $/lb    
Bypass Protein, $/lb    

AminoPlus/fat blend

AminoPlus, lbs    
Fat, lbs    
Nutrient Content of Blend    
Protein, %    
RUP, % of Protein    
Fat, %    
Protein, lb/ton    
Bypass, lb/ton    
$/lb Protein    
$/lb Bypass    

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