Our Commitment

AGP is committed to serve local cooperatives and agricultural producers through the procurement, processing, and marketing of agricultural products…For the Benefit of Farmers. 

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  • To Cooperatives
AGP is committed to the success of our owners: 145 local and regional cooperatives representing more than 250,000 farmers throughout the U.S. and Canada. Our mission is to serve local cooperatives and their farmer-owners by performing the primary business functions of procurement, processing, and marketing agricultural products.
  • To Farmers
AGP is committed to adding value to the soybeans grown by U.S. farmers and marketed by member cooperatives to AGP. We provide a competitive daily market while processing more than 17,000 acres of soybeans each day. Our processing operations are situated in the Midwest, and our support lies with the U.S. farmer, their cooperatives, and their communities.
  • To Customers
We are dedicated to supplying products and services on a worldwide basis that meets our customers’ expectations the first time – every time.
  • To Employees
Investing in our most important asset, our employees, is vital to the success of AGP. Our goal is to ensure a safe, productive, and healthy work environment. Growth and development of our employees are keys to long-term viability and competing in a global marketplace.
  • To Communities
AGP believes the cooperative business model enables a special connectivity to the communities where we operate and our employees live. Improved agricultural markets for area farmers, employment opportunities, and economic development reverberate throughout our rural region.
  • To Food Safety
AGP has earned a reputation for quality products which are backed by industry certification standards including Safe Quality Food (SQF) accreditation as well as certification in the Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI) program.
  • To Sustainability
Our sustainable efforts encompass broad components including: processing raw agricultural commodities into value-added products using fewer resources and less waste; sourcing and transporting raw and value-added products in the most efficient and environmentally-responsible manner; and growth and development of our employees, the most valuable assets of AGP, all for the benefit of U.S. farmers.